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Alrite cinderella

time to put on your glass shoes and

make believe your wealthy.

when the clock strike midnight

it back to reality

so lets go cinderella

time running out

dnt worry

ur prince will be coming

soon enough.


Your terrible. Both of U!
And even with your depressing past, your normal
which is disgusting…
and yet so beautiful

Robot Girl

My functions….

Please my parents

Clean my Room

Study hard && get A’s

Work && make $$

Boyfriend / Friends … File not found </3

Tonight i sleep alone


Tonight i sleep alone
There’s no need for tears to be shed
As you are a hunter, you chose your prey.
I stood my ground with full force, to which you only over came.
Leaving me to fall and witness you
greed for more after finishing your plate.

You never let your guard down,
You stayed alerted and waited patiently for the right moment to
Strike down with determination and the pain you built from the past.
To only drag us down to your self-pleasure.

Because a beast you were, and I your sin
Held as One by a thin leash tied to our hearts.
You roared for freedom, and there you took it

Ripping it right out of me. Which is fine.
Cause now, just as the Sun and Moon once had to do,
We shall split to escape to our opposite poles,
After sacrificing so much, to only say good bye to my other half.


…why does it have to be now?

y not later?
y not til im ready?
y not til i want to.. or need to?
y now?

Its not the end of the world. [dnt like the ending]

If the sun still rising when it should,
and ur taking ur next breathe,
feeling the ice thin wind blow in to ur face,
as u step outside
Than ur not dead.

If the vehicles  on the road still roaring,
and ur watching the population inhale the toxic gas,
seeing the news man giving the disappointing report of our species,
as u ride to work
Than ur not asleep.

If the boyfriend still leaving,
and ur wondering y it couldnt work out,
hearing the voicemail he left one ur fone
as u take ur lunch
Than ur not insane.

If the new guys is still catching ur attention,
and ur undecided about ur situation,
tasting the disaster the chance might bring,
as u debate in ur head
Than ur not berk.

If the nights are bringing u loneliness and dullness,
and all ur needing is comfort from a friend,
smelling the dinner for one,
as u sit in the dark
Than ur not pathetic.

It just means, it’s not the end of the world.
And we all live to overcome the flaws of our nature.
With our five senses.


"The Daily Motivator"

I have a coworker, Joe, who sends out emails  called “The Daily Motivator”. The crazy thing about them is that they always seem to match the situation im challenged with during that day!

For example, the other day I failed my math test, I came into work, checked my email and found that the “The Daily Motivator” of the day was about failing and how to not let it bring u down but turn it to a lesson. And it went on with other stuff. Really made me feel better and actually go study math. Haha pretty cool.

Well lately, I’ve been out the loop and been looking for someone to turn to to EXPRESS MYSELF! So today the “The Daily Motivaor” give me that someone I’ve been looking, Me. So here it is. Cause I just thought it was good for everyone to hear.



Make it all better

Do you wish someone could make it all better?  Then smile, and be that someone.

Would you like it if the problems suddenly went away?  Then stand up, step forward, take responsibility, and begin to transform those problems into opportunities.

Do you long for a reason to be hopeful?  Then consider what a truly unique and beautiful miracle you are, and find hope in more fully living and expressing your purpose.

In whatever you truly wish to have, you’ll find reasons to be your very best.  In your highest vision of how life can be, you’ll find valuable and meaningful direction for how you can be.

The joy you wish to experience is already within you, waiting for you to share it.  Instead of waiting and wishing for someone or something to make you happy, just go ahead and apply that happiness to whatever you’re doing.

You have the power to make it all better because you have the power to experience life from any perspective you choose.  Choose a positive, empowering perspective, because you deserve the best.

Ralph Marston


Being that i am still over swiped with my personal life, i have decided that it was time to go ahead n give my own life a break and start brain storming for wat i plan on achieving in the year of 2012.

1] start a website

2] begin the buildup of a organization against child labor

 So hopefully there be more to follow up on this :)


I wanna go to the movies…. Couldnt tonight cause im already tired..

i wanna go tomorrow but i most likely wont….. than again…

maybe i will…..


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